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Areas of Practice

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Family Law

At Ethridge, Quinn, Kemp, McAuliffe, Rowan & Hartinger we pride ourselves in the work we do in guiding clients through the extremely difficult and emotionally charged issues that present themselves in the practice of family law. Cases may include divorce, custody and related matters. These types of cases are forever evolving and sometimes do not have a “final outcome” like that presented in a civil case. Given this fact, the firm’s lawyers understand the necessity of a global analysis of the familial unit to forecast future effects of actions taken during such heightened emotion. This careful analysis of the entire situation not only provides clients with a greater understanding of the process in general, but also with insight to assist in the continued interaction with their spouse and children in the years to come.

With the advent of mediation programs throughout the state, many issues in family law cases can be resolved without the necessity of a trial. However, when such alternative resolution efforts are not successful, the Ethridge Quinn attorneys are ready, willing and more than able to take your matter to trial.

For further information on the family law practice at Ethridge Quinn, or to review the firm’s record of success, please contact Jack Quinn, Mike Rowan or Kathleen M. Dumais.