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Traffic Violations

When the average person gets involved in today’s court system, it is usually through a matter as simple as a traffic violation. Whether it’s in violation of a motor vehicle law such as speeding or causing an accident, or a more severe issue such as driving while intoxicated, the attorneys at Ethridge, Quinn, Kemp, McAuliffe, Rowan & Hartinger are at your side to handle issues that may arise out of the complexity of such court procedures.

The potential effect of a traffic citation can be tremendous. Monetary fines, increased insurance premiums, insurance cancellation, “points” against your driver’s license, loss of your license, and in some severe cases, incarceration can have an unexpected and abrupt impact on one’s life.

The Ethridge Quinn lawyers appear regularly both in court and before the Motor Vehicle Administration to guide clients through the process and help save time, money, and personal honor.

For further information on the traffic violations practice at Ethridge Quinn, or to review the firm’s record of success, please contact Scott Hartinger, Mike Rowan, Paul Kemp or Mike McAuliffe.